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Drgreesntore brings you Auto Cannabis Light from the Ministry of Cannabis some autoflowering seeds of medicinal marijuana rich in CBD. It is very easy to grow, resistant, productive and is ready in just 9 weeks from germination.

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Auto Cannabis Light · Ministry of Cannabis

Auto Cannabis Light from the Ministry of Cannabis is an autoflowering strain of medical marijuana. It is intended for people who want to use cannabis but without the psychoactive effects caused by other cannabis varieties with high THC content. It is a plant with THC amounts that do not exceed 1%, while CBD amounts reach 12-15%.

These CBD varieties are very interesting, since CBD or cannabidiol has a broader spectrum for medical applications than THC. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipsychotic and antioxidant properties. It also controls spasms in epilepsy, reduces anxiety and stimulates sleep. Best of all, it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so its psychoactive effects are nil.

Like any other autoflowering, the best yields will always be achieved when grown in the spring and summer months, with the longest and sunniest days of the year. It is also recommended to avoid transplants and opt for a large pot from the beginning. Thus the plants grow without interruption and reach a larger size before the beginning of flowering. Because of its size, it is perfect for balconies, terraces, small gardens or guerrillas, as it will hardly attract attention.

Since it germinates, it is harvested in 9 weeks, which allows several harvests to be obtained per season even in the smallest spaces. The yields are high, about 120 grams per plant outdoors and about 60 grams per plant indoors. The aroma and flavor of the buds has hints of acre, forest and sandalwood. The effect is very moderate, provides a feeling of smooth and positive relaxation, as well as relief. Ideal for any time of day as it does not cancel any faculty.


  • 20% Ruderalis 75% Sativa 5% Indica
  • Harvest 9 weeks from germination
  • Indoor yield up to 60 grams per plant
  • Outdoor yield up to 120 grams per plant
  • THC <1%
  • CBD 12-15%
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