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As the proud heiress of the Swiss Dream CBD Auto, the Rosé version of Kannabia of this auto-rich CBD variety intensifies its indica traits. With a high CBD content (17%) and minimum THC (<0.6%). Dregreenstore brings you this therapeutic cannabis gift so that you appreciate the balanced flavor of this variety and its ease of cultivation.

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Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD · Kannabia Seed Company introduces you to the Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD of Kannabia, an automatic variety rich in CBD, perfect for people looking for a genetics with a high CBD ratio and with a flowering auto, plants with Indica-like appearance, medium size and with typical characteristics of the Kush.

Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD comes from the crossing of Swiss Dream Auto CBD with Rosé genetics, so you can quickly grow your CBD. With a CBD: THC ratio of 30: 1, this automatic seed produces plants with very high CBD levels in only a few weeks of cultivation.

During the during its cultivation you will see that all the specimens are stable and homogeneous and you will see how violet tones appear in the buds. It is a genetics particularly resistant to stress and difficult conditions.

Indoors, the flowering cycle is only 65 days to harvest their buds, which give us an abundant harvest, with more or less 500g of flowers per m2 of cultivated area. Outdoors, we can produce up to 200g per plant.

The aromas of red fruit and pine with a more earthy and fruity background will not leave you indifferent and its effects will give you a muscle relaxation while preserving a perfect mental clarity.

Features of the Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD of Kannabia:

  • Feminized automatic seeds
  • Hybrid with Indica dominance
  • Genetics: Swiss Dream Auto CBD x Rosé
  • Flowering cycle: 63-65 days
  • Indoor production: 500g / m2
  • Outdoor production: 200g / plant
  • CBD: 17%
  • THC: 0.55%
  • CBD Ratio: THC: 30: 1

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