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Drgreenstore.com brings you the authentic Gorilla Bilbo, a hybrid of indica predominance, easy to grow, with great resistance against fungi and very powerful.

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Gorilla Bilbo · Genehtik Seeds

Gorilla Bilbo, a hybrid that comes from the authentic clone grown in California GG4 AKA Gorilla Glue # 4. In Genehtik they wanted to maintain and preserve exactly, the characteristics that made this variety of super potent marijuana so famous.

For indoor cultivation it is an exceptional variety, since its cultivation is not complicated if we maintain a control with the intensity of nutrition. It develops medium-large plants, capable of exceeding 1.30m in height and can produce 500g, without much effort. The harvest is usually ready in 60 days, offering you a high quality product, ideal for extractions.

In outdoor crops it develops strongly, growing at a good pace both wide and high, being able to reach more than 2.50m high. Its structure provides resistance to bad weather and its dense buds are capable of withstanding intense rainy climates, making it a good option for first time growers. If we have paid it correctly and grown under the maximum hours of sunshine possible, it is capable of producing more than 1kg of buds of authentic quality. We can harvest the harvest in mid-October.

The flavor combines very particular earthy, acid, citrus and gasoline notes that give it a chocolaty final aroma. The effect is what has made it so famous, it produces a very intense body effect, not recommended for occasional consumers or with little experience.

  • Sativa / Indica: 40/60%
  • Flowering: indoors 57-65 days. Outdoors in mid-October.
  • Height: inside 0.70-1.30m. Outside of 1.80-2.50m.

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