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Along with an amazing flavor and smell, she is easy to grow. The Sharksbreath is a highly potent, top-notch weed and a connoisseurs delight. Short, stout plants pack on frosty and very dense colas. Feed her heavy and provide good airflow to prevent bud rot. She is best grown in a Sea of Green. This plant has been called the “cash crop” plant, yielding well above average! She is a good plant to breed with as she’s very stable and has proven herself as the mother to the Martian Mean Green! 2nd Hydro Spannabis 2009

  • Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbread
  • 80% Indica : 20% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
  • Yield: 500-600g/m2
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