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Kritikal Bilbo CBD · Genehtik Seeds

Our KRITIKAL BILBO CBD cannabis seed is the cross of our famous KRITIKAL BILBO seed with a high CBD plant. Their offspring produces plants with a THC-CBD ratio of 1.2, which has seemed right for medicinal purposes.

It is a productive plant that preserves aromas and flavors of the KRITIKAL BILBO, of medium size and large buds. Its flowering is short, being ready to harvest with about 55 days, being ideal to grow it for its speed and good production in addition to its fruity flavors.

Very easy to grow and with excellent results, with large, resinous and very aromatic buds.

Its effect is corporal, without being excessively psychoactive, it is perfect for medicinal cannabis users.

· Type: Indica (indica / sativa)
· Interior Production: 500-550 gr / m2
· Exterior Production: 1000-1500 gr / plant
· Inner Flowering: 50-55 days
· Foreign Harvest: September (Northern Hemisphere) - March (Southern Hemisphere


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