Cannabidiol (CBD) rich version of one of the most appreciated varieties in the Sweet Seeds catalog, Cream Caramel.Enjoy now the Cream Caramel CBD, its aromas and flavors are sweet and caramelized ... you will surrender to so much sweetness!

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Cream Caramel CBD® (SWS67) is the result of the cross between Cream Caramel and a selected clone of CBD rich Diesel ancestors. This variety is highly appreciated not only for its flavor but also for its THC: CBD ratio, which is between 1: 1 and 1: 2.

Variety with a structure mainly of an Indica plant, a large main bud and good branching of the secondary branches. It has a strong stem and long and flexible secondary branches.

The aromas and flavors of this variety are sweet and caramelized with a background of earthy tones and fresh touches of cypress and citrus.

Data sheet

  • Variety SWS67
  • Indica: 70% / Sativa: 30%
  • THC: 7-15% CBD: 9-17%
  • THC: CBD ratio: (1: 1-1: 2)
  • Indoor Production: 400-550 g / m2
  • Outdoor Production: 375-600 g / plant
  • Indoor Flowering: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest: end of September
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