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Drgreenstore presents Smoothie Auto by Fast Buds Seeds, cannabis with olfactory power and pleasure, a variety of automatic marijuana with genetic fruit of the Somango crice with Blueberry and offering an indica character, with abundant production and easy to control genetics.

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Smoothie Auto · FastBuds Seeds

The Smoothie Auto seed is a cross of two favorites of all time: the delicious Blueberry and the exquisite Somango. The combination of these two fruity varieties not only translates into one of the best tasting buds on the market, it is also very easy to grow, and so small that it can be planted on any site, both indoors and outdoors.

During cultivation, this indica hybrid has an easy-to-control genetics in size, so it is particularly recommended for growers who have a small cultivation space or who grow on balconies. In classical cultivation, the plant can grow up to 110cm with a complete cultivation cycle of 8-9 weeks. It is developed as an Indian plant, with a very interesting production in the central branch, so it adapts very well to the SOG crop.

When you smoke Smoothie Auto, you will discover a mixture of ripe mango and creamy blackberry sorbet. Despite its intense and stimulating taste, it is a very mild variety. Accompanying its great flavor, its effect is also very balanced.

 It is an excellent herb to consume during the day, since it has a very social and pleasant effect. It is perfect to combat some health problems by stimulating appetite and relieving pain. It can also be enjoyed alone before bedtime.

Features of the Smoothie Auto by Fast Buds Seeds:

  • Feminized automatic seeds
  • Genetics: Somango x Blueberry
  • Indica / Sativa
  • Flowering: full cycle 9 weeks
  • Size: 80 - 110 cm
  • Harvest: Abundant
  • THC: Very high
  • CBD: Low

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